ITRoute Registration Terms & Conditions:

To register for a course, please fill in the online registration form with your contact details and course details. Please read the terms and conditions carefully and if you need more information, please call 02 9262 7088 or send us an email on .

  1. The course fee is non-refundable and non-transferable, however a transfer to another course schedule within the bounds of these conditions is allowed
  2. When paying by installments, all installments must be paid on time; otherwise registration will be cancelled
  3. If, under exceptional circumstances, IT Route administration approves a refund, a $120 refund/administration charge will apply
  4. Students must follow the schedule provided by ITRoute to complete the course
  5. All practice tests & final exams need to be completed within the time frame provided by ITRoute for your enrolment. IT Route bears no responsibility if test slots are not available due to the student leaving preparation until the "last minute"
  6. The student must attend the course within 12 months from the registration date, subject to availability of the course
  7. On-site students must sign the course registration form before commencing the class
  8. At the end of the course student are responsible to collect an exam voucher and sit for the exam(s) within the date and time specified on the voucher
  9. Once course material has been issued, it will not be exchanged or refunded
  10. If any ITRroute goods or services are damaged by the student, the student will compensate ITRoute appropriately
  11. ITRoute reserves the right to change course material, course date, time, fees or study structure without notice
  12. ITRoute reserves the right to amend the course program at any time, in correspondence to industry requirements
  13. ITRoute reserves the right to deny/cancel admission to the course, if an instructor feels the student does not meet the pre-requisites or the student behaves unlawfully
  14. Any kind of recording equipment is prohibited in the classroom - use of such devices will result in expulsion from the class and course fee will be forfeited
  15. The handouts, lectures given, practice questions, mock test facilities and course material provided are designed to assist students in preparation for the certification exams. ITRoute takes no responsibility if these questions do not appear in the official certification exam or if the exam is failed
  16. ITRoute reserves the right to use student name, company name, feedback, comments, testimonials, evaluations, pictures and videos obtained during the course for its promotional, website and marketing activities; unless the student provide a written notification before the course completion
  17. ITRoute does not bear the responsibility for the candidate’s final examination results however candidates are responsible for achieving 85% in the practice test prior to their final exam to make sure they are well prepared for the final exam.
  18. According to the Australian Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998, all the customer relevant data, documents and information will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed without customer permissions.

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