05 NOV

Cisco Certification exam is changing from 24th February, 2020

As over the time technology is updating, so Cisco Certification exam is changing from 24th February, 2020. CCNA, CCNP, CCIE all levels of certification exam and syllabus is changing as well. But good news is, if you complete any current exam before 24th of February, your certification will update to new certification automatically. So, with the 3 years of time, you don't have to update the exam again. But its always good to know the new knowledge and participate in the test. There is no more ICND1 will be there instead Entry level certification will be CCT.

Main key point is, if you want to do the current Cisco certification such as 100-105, 200-105 or 200-125 or any CCNP exam, you need to complete by 24th of February. After 24th of February, new CCNA certification 200-301 will be available.

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28 Mar

Can Certification guarantee a job ?

It is important to have sound knowledge in IT to support any business or customer. To get the sound knowledge, you need to get the proper training or some kind of learning tools to gain the experience in that particular area. Certification is the evidence of your knowledge that means you can show someone or prove that you have that knowledge. Once you have the proper knowledge and certification in any area of IT, you will have a higher chance to get the job. Ultimately, knowledge is the power and once you have that knowledge, you will be able to guarantee your own job

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18 Feb

How to pass the certification exam ?

To pass the certification exam, you need to have proper knowledge around the subject. Besides, you need to study some practice questions and prepare for the final exam. Before you write the final exam, you need to participate at least few mock test. Mock test will really give you the status of your understanding of questions and subjects. For any kind of certification exam, you need to get at leaset 80% mark in the practise exam and then you can decide where you are sitting, how much study you have to do and so on. Good preparation and higher marks in the practise test will ensure higher chance to pass the final exam. You going to learn the technology by participating training, practise exam, final exam, reading the books and certification exam.

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19 Dec

Information Session

ITRoute Information session held every week Tuesday from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. You can come & join us and discuss your career goal. This information session will cover the details discussion about prospect of IT jobs in Australia, job search, latest Information Technology courses, IT Route special offers, questions & answers. There will be light refreshment for the participants. Register and confirm your participation by sending email on info@itroute.com.au or send us an enquiry on https://www.itroute.com.au/information-session

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29 Nov

Why IT Certification is Important ?

Technology is changing every day and top vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, Citrix releasing new hardware and software components with advanced feature or security updates. What you study in the Uni or working at the moment that might not the latest software. To gain more knowledge or become expert about those new technology you need to learn by yourself, from online or Google some more info any way you like. If you are capable of gaining of that knowledge that’s excellent. You can apply those expertise to become certify, or apply your company or apply for new job, you can upgrade your salary. But if you failed to do so as you are busy working or you don’t have proper infrastructure you will lose interest after a certain period of time struggling to learn new things. As an IT training institution we have all the latest software and hardware material for training. Once you become part of IT Route you will be able to access our Lab and training materials anytime. We can train you for your career, salary increase, job searching and ongoing support. Once you finish the course and achieve the certifications you actually finished your first step to upgrade yourself. Once you certify in a certain area you will have 85% better chance to get a job than others. We advise you to invest for your careers not to spend. Once you decide about your training or ready to upgrade yourself contact with us and see how we can help you.

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